Fees And Transaction Limitations

The following fees may apply to your account. Transaction limitations, if any, may also apply. Please see our accounts pages for more information on transaction limitations.  

Account Early Closing Fee: $25.00
Assessed if the account is closed within 120 days of opening.

Bill Pay Fee: $0.70
There is no charge for the first 14 payments during any payment cycle. After 14 payments, there is a fee of $0.70 per payment.

Replacement Debit Card or PIN: $5.00 per card
Card arrives in 7-10 days.
Expedited Debit Card Replacement: $50.00
Express shipping of a replacement card arrives in 1-2 business days.
Additional Debit Card Fee: $3.00 per card plus $2.50 monthly card fee per card.

Cashier's Checks: $2.00 per check
Temporary Checks: $2.00 per sheet (3 checks)
Check Printing Orders: Fee depends on style of check ordered

Domestic Incoming Wire Fee: Free
Domestic Outgoing Wire Fee: $25.00 per wire
International Incoming Wire Fee: $20.00 per wire
International Outgoing Wire Fee: $100.00 per wire

Legal Process Fee: $100.00 + $25.00 per hour plus attorney fees
Processing of any garnishment, tax levy, judgement, or other administrative order against an account or customer, regardless of if the funds are paid.

NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Returned Item Fee: $30.00 per item paid, per presentment
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Paid Item Fee: $30.00 per item paid, per presentment
Overdraft Sweep Service Annual Fee: $25.00
Stop Payment Fee: $25.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee: $25.00 per renewal

Undeliverable Mail Fee: $5.00 per returned item